From Anadyr to Sofia


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On the 14th day of our Arctic trip we received the news that one of the two ships were discovered, with which Sir John Franklin set out 169 years ago to find the short northern sea route to the treasures of the Orient. With his ships and 133 crew, he disappeared without a trace in the polar ice region. It solved conflicting feelings and a certain melancholy to learn that we had anchored just a few miles from the scene of the accident to wait for our icebreaker that was incidentally also involved in the recent search. Knowing that we had already mastered the Northwest Passage, where the Franklin expedition failed so horribly, gave our onward journey a strange aftertaste.

The last few days went by much too quickly. We passed the "Smoking Hills“ - a mountainous coastal region full of pitch-containing rocks that had sparked itself before the existence of the human beings and now discharges poisonous, stinking, sulphurous smoke - and ransacked an abandoned whaling station on Herschel Island, and then we were already in the waters of Alaska. In the Bering Strait between Asia and America are two neighboring islands, which are called "Tomorrow" and "Yesterday", because between them not only the Russian-American frontier runs, but also the international date line. We visited the 65 US-Eskimos on Yesterday, then crossed the dateline on Sunday and arrived in Anadyr (Siberia) on Tuesday morning instead of monday.

Back home, we had as a result of our lost Monday not even a week's time to take a rest before we again were on our way, this time to Bulgaria. On September 24, the Welcome-to-Amway event was held at the opening of Amway Bulgaria in the Palace of Culture of Sofia. There we spoke to nearly four thousand enthusiastic ABOs and prospects. The enthusiasm was also so great because many of those present had been waiting and hoping for this moment for many years. We were naturally motivated primarily, that almost all downlines had been from our sponsor line. This was also shown by the fact that the other three guest speakers were our downline Crown Ambassadors. Who would have imagined this in 1976, when we started to sponsor in a 200 people village in Bavarian Swabia.

We were not only represented with downlines in Sofia. We stayed five full days in Bulgaria's capital to sponsor our own prospects and to train them. We could then quite satisfied fly home because we have great business partners in Bulgaria, of which we can expect rapid and sustainable success!
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