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Traditionally, now is the time for rallies, seminars and kick-offs to put the entire organization in motion. Anyway, we set ourselves this day in motion. Back from Sofia, we had been at the kick-off in Furstenfeldbruck two days later and in Basel three days later. The two meetings were high-class Amway events with top speakers, and we can only feel pity for those who could not be there. In Furstenfeldbruck, TV presenter Nina Ruge impressed us very much with her speech "My Way to Amway". In Basel, of course, the absolute highlight was the attendance of Amway's President Doug DeVos., but also our Austrian downline Executive Diamond Maria Kutschera told her story of success full of adversity and touched everybody with her words. We recommend not to miss any future event because they are always a source of motivation and goal setting!

Also, individual support, advice and training generates momentum. So, we flew to Berlin just two days later to meet at the local Amway Center with our ABOs. We only took three days off afterwards to spend some time in our mountain house in Ruhpolding, and now we are back in England since five days to meet in London and Birmingham with our groups. Fortunately, this is a family business - all our children are ABOs and therefore we could combine business with pleasure and spend quality time with children and grandchildren in Berlin and in England. Michaela is expecting her first baby within the next days. Peters family has moved to their new house in Hatton Park some weeks ago. We already hold our group meetings in the living area for our ABOs. The business partners even organized a cold buffett; so we not only got a lot of information and motivation, but also had a lot of fun. And that is important for our business!

Next week we remain at home for two full days, then we will go on to Kiev. Our Ukrainian business partners are looking forward to the seminar with us and we will for sure have to report a lot again soon.
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