Our last Day at Home


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July is coming to an end, and on the last day, we will again go on a long trip, this time to the Far East. On our program are major events in Thailand (Bangkok) and Vietnam (Hanoi) with group meetings, opportunity meetings and personal conversations. The business partners there are looking forward to our coming, and so do we. We are very proud of these young, successful organizations. And we will have lots of stories for you when we're back in mid-August.

Today is our last day of a long, leisurely month at our home, which we on the one hand enjoyed very much, but on the other hand, however, the weeks were overshadowed by the dying and death of our nephew Christoph Scherieble. This put a bad feeling to all good things that happened at home...

Nonetheless, we were pleased to do extended tours to spend time with children, grandchildren and friends almost every day, and in general to be at home to take advantage of our renovated, modernized radiantly beautiful home.

By the way, Mark Beiderwieden and his wife Anette visited us on a balmy summer evening last week. We exchanged memories on our terrace during the BBQ and did not even know that Mark would be responsible for ourselves and our Asian business partner pretty soon. He has just been promoted to the new President of the Amway region "Asia-Pacific" - exactly the region in which we are flying today. Congratulations, Mark!
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