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In early August the family members arrived in their old home. It was time to celebrate Eva's 70th birthday. It pleased and satisfied us tremendously to see the whole big, three generations comprehensive family gathering. A selected band played Evas favorite songs, the weather also was good, and so it could be celebrated in the open air until late at night ...

Three days later we were on the way to Taiwan - to an entirely different, something bigger event: Our Top4 friends Holly Chen & Berry Chi had done an impossible possible and closed last year with 80 FAA points. Absolutely fantastic and world record! That should be celebrated properly. Despite typhoon the largest hall of Taipei, the Lin-Kuo-Stadium, was filled three times in a row with a total of around 45,000 enthusiastic ABOs from around the world, not counting the events that were held around this big meeting: Diverse gala dinners and a crowded Rap-Up at the World Trade Center. It was quite an experience to be able to take part in a gala with more than a thousand Diamond ABOs and higher qualifiers!

Holly & Berry see us as their teachers and mentors, so we were speakers and guests of honor at all possible occasions here. It was fortunate that our two elder sons Peter and David were there and supported us with best effort.

From Taiwan we flew on to Vietnam. Our young and productive ABO group is located in the north, and our five days at Hanoi were filled with open meetings, trainings, seminars and consultations, and indeed always at the Amway Center. There at least an air conditioner worked, otherwise it would have been unbearable in the tropical heat. When we took the long flight home last Sunday, we said goodbye to a group of highly motivated business partners who are ambitious for the coming fiscal year and have set high goals.
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