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On Friday we spent our last day in Indochina, Siam, Indochina or howsoever the large peninsula between India and China is called. Anyway, despite rainy season we stayed fifteen wonderful, busy and productive days. On the first of August we arrived in Bangkok, and the next day we wanted to celebrate Eva's birthday in private and relaxing atmosphere. But our Thai business partners had other plans already. The team of Double Diamond Boonsiri Tanaprakob had organized a big party, which we could not escape because we like and admire Boonsiris team that had supported us so often and also this time will prepare and organize the next Top 4-Convention in an excellent way. We know that and we can trust on that.

With two leadership meetings and one day seminar, our days in Bangkok just flew by. But it must be mentioned firstly that we competed our first webinar in Thai language with Boonsiri what will be continued regularly. This will be very helpful for our Thai downlines in Europe. Secondly, our friend Preecha Prakobkit - for 25 years Amway Thailand's general manager - is now retired, and he immediately started his own Amway business with his wife and already qualified 21%. This pleases us so tremendously.

Then soon we went on a one and a half hour flight to the other side of the peninsula, namely to Hanoi, Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the fastest growing Amway countries in the Asia-Pacific region, by the way our former CEO Mark Beiderwieden will preside as the new Amway Regional President from January on. Congratulations, Mark, and good cooperations! Indeed, we have not only many downline Emeralds and Diamonds in Vietnam, but also a good growing personal group which is important to us, and we want to take care of. Therefore, our week in Hanoi was not only booked with a spectacular day seminar at the Grand Plaza, but also with many small and large group meetings, sponsor meetings and training sessions. And when we will return in spring as promised - we know - many newly qualified Platinums, Emeralds and Diamonds will be waiting for us!

We had only little time for tourist attractions: An evening performance at the Water Puppet Theatre followed by a rickshaw ride home was everything we could do, and also this time we spent with our downlines. The rest of the time we spent with our ABOs, and that was a good thing - for them and for us. Back in Bangkok, we enjoyed another day at the pool and spa. On Saturday night we flew home.
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