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The first half of July brought us next to hearty showers and thunderstorms also hot summer days that we enjoyed partly at home and in Ruhpolding. We tried to get the fat from the ribs and to put muscles on instead by biking with the Tandem and ​​Nordic walking through the area. But we were and are not completely addicted to idleness. We are involved in our business too: The EDAC met in Munich, and also the weekly webinars and upcoming events and trips wanted to get prepared.

In these weeks we spent long hours at the Central Clinic Augsburg with our nephew Christopher Scherieble who suffered from cancer. Christoph is Eva's godson, and our son Dani grew up together with his slightly older cousin. 37 years young, death rescued him at dawn last Tuesday from his sufferings. R.I.P.

The funeral ceremony will be held next Thursday. Therefore, we must unfortunately cancel our long-planned visit to England and the planned events in London and Birmingham. Sorry. But postponed is not canceled. This we promise our business partners in the UK!
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