The Road is the Destiny


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25 years ago, Amway sponsored an expedition to the North Pole.
From Amagram to Amagram we were able to follow the progress of the boys.
I think that evoked our passion for the Arctic then. In our 38 years with Amway, we have traveled all over the world, but we had never made it so high to the north. This year our dream was provided with a date and thus became a concrete goal. On August 25 we entered a small passenger ship, L'Austral, which should bring us on this unique journey with less than 200 other passengers: The Northwest Passage.
From Greenland's west coast, where we could admire the most beautiful icebergs, through the island maze in front of the Canadian coast, along Alaska's west coast and through the Bering Strait to Siberia.
When I signed the Amway application form in 1976, the book "From Dream to Reality“ came on the market. But at that time such a trip would have been unimaginable for us. What have we expected! Glacier mountains, polar bears, colorful tundra, smoking mountains and lonely Eskimo settlements.
We had to wait for the Coast Guard for almost 24 hours in front of towering ice floes. In convoy, behind the icebreaker, it was no problem to move forward. This has once again shown us that united in a team you can achieve anything.
A new fiscal year has just begun and we wish you, that you use every day to build your business. So much is waiting for you.
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